How to Cook Dinuguan

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If you are a die-hard fan of Filipino cuisine, you may be curious about how to cook dinuguan. This popular dish is derived from Ilocano roots, and consists of pork, onion, garlic, and ginger. You can use the sinigang mix to cook it in a big wok. You can also add pork, which makes it perfect for the sing-along stage!

Ilocano dinardaraan

Ilocanos often cooked dishes based on offal, including dinuguan. This spicy pork stew contains bits of pig meat, blood and entrails. Although the dish is derived from pigs, there are other varieties of the dish that use chicken, beef or fish. These dishes are sometimes referred to as chocolate meat, and dinuguan is often served with rice.

Ibanag zinagan

In northern Mindanao, you can try to cook dinuguan, also known as sinugaok, zinagan, and twik. These dishes are similar to the British and Irish black pudding and blood sausage. This meaty stew is a Filipino staple and is often served as a snack or starter. However, it is also popular as a main dish, and is often served in fiesta buffets.

Itawes of Cagayan

Dinuguan is an important staple of the native cuisine of the Itawes of Cagayan. It is a dish that is served with white rice and a side of puto, a Filipino rice cake. It is commonly served with premium pork slices or chicken or beef. Depending on the region, dinuguan can be made with different types of meat. Other versions include beef dinuguang manok and chicken dinuguang manok. This dish is usually served with white rice and puto, a Filipino rice cake. There is a dry version of dinuguang manok, called dinardaraan. These are accompanied by deep-fried pig intestine cracklings called “twik”.

Itawes of Mindanao

In Northern Mindanao, the most popular dish is dinuguan, also known as sinugaok. It is also known as zinagan or champayna in the Ibanag and Batangas dialects. It is also known as rugodugo in the Waray language and dinardaraan in Ilocano. It is similar to European-style blood sausage and black pudding, as well as the Polish soup Czernina.


You may be wondering how to cook dinuguan. The traditional dish is made with pork cuts, offals, and organs. It has many names throughout the Philippines, including sinugaok in Batangas, tid-tad in Pampangas, and dinardaraan in Ilocos. But whatever the name, the basic method of cooking dinuguan is the same.


Besides savoring its savory taste and unique texture, dinuguan is also popularly known as Tid-Tad. The Kapampangan version of the pork dish is characterized by its thin sauce and saucy texture. In cooking it, less blood and fat is used to produce the rich, creamy flavor. While the pork is usually ground up and cooked in its own blood, this variation uses a pork mask (pig ears and shoulder) to give it a meaty taste and texture. It is also browned, which makes the dish look more appetizing and reduces the fat that is rendered when cooking it.


In addition to being called dinuguan, this Filipino dish is known by many other names as well. Many people refer to it as tid-tad in Pampanga and Dugo-Dugo in Cebuano. It is also known as Sinugaok in Batangas and Rugodugo in Waray. Other people also refer to dinuguan as Sampayna in Northern Mindanao. Depending on the region, dinuguan may be made with pork or pig’s offal, which is cheaper and provides a unique flavor.

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