How to Cook and Eat Crawfish

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There are many different ways to prepare and cook crawfish. You can either boil them or steam them. There are also several different ways to eat crawfish. These methods are described in this article. Before getting started, you should grab a beer and get in the mood! Then, read on to find out the best recipes, timing, and ways to serve them. Hopefully, you’ll be eating your crawfish in no time!


Before preparing crawfish for cooking, you need to clean them. If you don’t have a hose, you can run water over them with your thumbs and index fingers. This will remove dirt and grit from their shells. Then, you should drain the water and rinse the crawfish under ice. After that, you can cook and eat the crawfish.


Before cooking crawfish, you need to make sure they are completely clean. Crawfish are not difficult to prepare. Before cooking them, you should soak them in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. The longer you soak the crawfish, the better they will taste. Once the crawfish are prepared, they can be easily peeled and opened. Then, they are ready to eat.


When you’re getting ready to eat crawfish, timing is everything. You want the shells to be as soft as possible, and you don’t want to overcook them, because they will get tough and hard to peel. If you’re going to cook crawfish in water, make sure it’s boiling at a decent pace so the seasonings are mixed in automatically. You can find hundreds of recipes online.

Getting in the spirit with a beer

Getting in the spirit with a beer while cooking and eating crawfish is essential to the experience. You’ll need a beer to help you wash down the spicy meat. You’ll also want to drink your favorite beverage as you slurp the crawfish’s juices. If you can, try a local beer. This can make the experience even more memorable.

Best part of the crawfish to eat

The best part of crawfish to eat while cooking is the tail. Crawfish tail meat is found in the widest part of the tail. It is best to devein this part with your fingers and remove the flesh using your thumbs. Once the meat has been removed, you can enjoy it with your favorite seafood boil sauce. Depending on how you like to eat crawfish, you can also eat the head.

Nutritional value

When boiled, crawfish contain high amounts of sodium. In general, your daily sodium intake should be no more than 1500 milligrams for high blood pressure and 2000 milligrams for cardiovascular disease. The sodium content of crawfish may be higher, however, because you’ll be adding salt to the cooking process. Too much sodium can cause fluid retention and place stress on the heart and blood vessels. To reduce sodium intake, use low-salt seasoning blends or other substitutions for crawfish in your recipes.

Serving size

If you are planning on cooking crawfish, you should know how much you should serve each person. For instance, a Creole might eat 5 pounds, while the real “crawfish fans” may eat two or three pounds. A serving size of crawfish for each person is therefore three to five pounds, depending on how many people will be eating. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving Cookout, you might need up to seven pounds per person.

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