How to Cook 7 Kinds Vegetables

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Seven Kinds is a traditional mixed vegetable dish made from seven different kinds of vegetables. It is commonly made with garlic, onion, and chicken breasts, and then cooked in butter and oil. You can also add quail eggs and cashew nuts. When you’re done, the vegetables are tender enough to pierce with a fork. This dish can be a tasty and healthy dinner option for any occasion.

Chinese Leeks Suan symbolize wealth

The Chinese Leek is a popular vegetable, particularly during the New Year. Pronounced “da suan” (counting), leeks are served with other dishes to represent wealth and prosperity. They have flat, green leaves with a strong garlicky smell. Chinese Leeks differ from chives and scallions because they have soil trapped between the leaves. This vegetable is a great addition to Chinese New Year dishes and can be found in many supermarkets throughout China.

Leeks sound like “suan” in Hokkien, the language of the Chinese. Leeks are a traditional part of Chinese New Year feasts, and their flavor is also symbolic of wealth. Similarly, the Chinese New Year Cake is a popular food for the occasion, and its name sounds like “Nian Gao Sheng,” which means “higher and better luck.” Whole fish is another traditional Chinese New Year dish, and the pronunciation is the same as the word Yu.

Tender-crisp means the vegetables are tender to the point of a fork

The term tender-crisp describes a vegetable that is cooked to the point where a fork easily pierces it. While crisp and tender are not interchangeable, they do have similar definitions. Crisp means that the vegetable is soft enough to eat with a fork, while tender means that it still retains a crisp texture when you bite into it. The key to cooking vegetables to this stage is to cook them for at least 10 minutes.

Boiling is the best way to cook vegetables

It is true that boiling vegetables is the most common way to cook them, but many nutrients are lost in the process. In fact, it can cause vegetables to turn gray and become mushy. So it is essential to use the correct cooking method. Aim to cook vegetables for a short amount of time to retain maximum nutritional value. For firm root vegetables, such as potatoes, boiling is the most effective way to cook them.

Besides cooking these vegetables in water, boiling also makes for nutritious stock. During the cooking process, many water-soluble vitamins are leached into the liquid. By not draining the cooking liquid, you can preserve the nutritional value of the dish. This method of cooking vegetables also allows for a quick and convenient way to prepare vegetable stock. In fact, making stock from your leftover vegetables and fruits is more cost-effective and healthy than purchasing a prepared one.

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