How to Cook 5 Minute Grits

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If you want to make grits, a good way to start is by prepping a large batch of the grits ahead of time. Grits are very versatile, and you can eat them with anything from bananas and honey to pecans and maple syrup. Then, all you have to do is heat them up and enjoy them. This method works for both stone ground grits and the instant variety.

Quaker Original Quick Grits

If you are looking for a quick way to eat your grains, then Quaker Original Quick Grits are the answer. They are made from degerminated white corn and contain niacinamide, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid. You can cook Quaker Original Quick Grits in just 5 minutes. You can also microwave the grits on high for three to four minutes.

When cooking Quaker Original Quick Grits, it is important to remember that the grits are not instant. Instead, they need to soak overnight or six hours for the best results. After this time, make sure to skim the grits to remove any hulls or chaff. If you do not do this, they will not cook properly and will have a hard texture. To make sure they’re the right texture, you can scrape the bottom of the pan every now and then.

When you’re cooking Quaker Original Quick Grits, you can use water, chicken broth, or milk. All three types will work with the grits. A half-and-half mixture of water and milk will work best. Using a combination of these three ingredients will ensure your grits will stay perfectly soft and fluffy. You can even use cream if you prefer. However, if you’re on a diet, you can use skim milk and cut back on sodium and fat.

Stone-ground grits

When you have time to spare on a Saturday morning, you may want to make stone-ground grits for breakfast. Stone-ground grits are delicious served with eggs, baked bacon, blackened shrimp, and Southern-style smothered pork chops. The flavor is enhanced with butter and smokey cheddar cheese. These grits are considered a classic Southern breakfast food.

The grits will take around 40 to 45 minutes to thicken up. However, depending on the type of grits you’re using, they may take less or more time. Once cooked, you’ll be able to serve them piping hot. Once they’ve thickened, they’re ready for breakfast! The next step is to stir them a few times so they don’t burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.

When cooking stone-ground grits, you need to add butter and seasoning to taste. While regular grits are bland on their own, you can add other flavorings or herbs to spice them up. If you’re not a fan of bacon, you can also add some crumbled bacon. You can also add extra milk or chicken broth to make them thinner. This way, they’ll absorb flavor and become smooth.

While stone-ground grits may be more time-consuming than regular ones, they’re worth it if you’re looking for a more artisanal, traditional taste. These grains are coarsely ground between two stones, which produces a richer flavor and speckled appearance. They can also be cooked with water or vegetable broth instead of water. Just keep in mind that stone-ground grits don’t have a long shelf life and require constant whisking.


When making grits, there are several options for cooking time. Some recipes call for up to two hours. To save time, you can cook the grits in half the amount of time. To cook grits in less than five minutes, simply add milk and water to the pot. Cook until the grits are creamy and soft, stirring occasionally. For an extra kick, add cheese and fresh ground black pepper.

Grits are typically made with butter, milk, and water. A little butter is added for flavor. They can be eaten as is, or served with gravy and shrimp. If you wish to add cheese, make sure to do so after the pot is turned off. Adding cheese to grits will allow the cheese to melt evenly and retain a creamy consistency. If you would like to serve grits with a different kind of dish, try putting cheese on top right before serving them.

For a sweeter version, you can use bananas, honey, and toasted almonds. Alternatively, you can use maple syrup and cinnamon. You can also use all-purpose flour or cornstarch. If you want grits with no added salt, use whole milk. A little less salt will help you save on sodium. While unsalted butter has lower sodium, salted butter will give your grits a creamy texture.

Regular grits are made by grinding corn kernels, but they are often made with a finer grind. The process of cooking these grits results in a more flavorful dish than instant grits. However, if you are cooking 5 minute grits for a family meal, it is important to keep in mind that these grits may not have the same taste as their more traditional cousins.

Slow cooker

To prepare the perfect slow cooker 5 minute grits, you’ll need two ingredients: grits and 4 cups of water. Grits will float to the top, so don’t worry if you can’t see the grits at the bottom of your measuring cup. To make grits, add the grits to the slow cooker. Pour the water over the grits and stir to mix them. Set the slow cooker to low and cook for 6 hours. You should be able to easily spoon them off a spoon, but the grits should retain some bite.

Grits are a delicious addition to any meal, but when cooked for a longer period of time, they become a surprisingly healthy alternative to fried grits. These creamy and satisfying grits will become a staple of your family’s breakfast rotation. This easy recipe will impress guests and will be the highlight of your next brunch or weekend brunch. You can even pair them with turkey bacon and Mama Ann’s Morning Bars for the ultimate comfort food.

Slow cooker grits are an excellent side dish for a seafood boil. This recipe uses four ingredients to prepare delicious, creamy grits. These grits are a Southern staple that can be used in so many different ways. To make Easy Cheesy Slow Cooker Grits, you’ll need yellow stone ground grits, chicken stock, light whipping cream, and shredded cheddar cheese. Add a few dashes of butter to make the dish extra decadent.

Grits go well with sausage and bacon and pair perfectly with shrimp. To make them even more decadent, add some butter to your slow cooker before serving. For a truly decadent dish, you can serve them as is, or add additional ingredients such as more butter and cheese. Then, you can serve them with sausage or eggs. It’s the perfect meal for your weekend brunch! Let your imagination run wild.

In a sauce pan

If you are a grits novice, you can use milk or water to make the dish. Grits will thicken as they sit. Adding butter or unsalted butter will give them more body. You can also add a bay leaf and a bit of salt to taste. To make this dish at home, follow these steps. Once the grits are ready, add some milk and stir.

Bring a medium saucepan to a boil over high heat. Stir in the grits. Once they absorb the water, cover the pan and simmer for 25-35 minutes, stirring often. You want the grits to be creamy and thick. When done, add butter and ricotta, and top with crumbled bacon. Make sure you mix the grits thoroughly to avoid them from sticking together.

You can also add peppers and Cajun seasoning to the grits before serving. The best time to serve the grits is fresh, but you can store them in the refrigerator and reheat them later. You can add half-and-half or milk to make them creamier and butterier. If you don’t want to use milk or half-and-half, you can also skip it and add it yourself.

For a more adventurous grits dish, you can add shredded cheese. You can use cheddar, Monterey Jack, pepper cheese, or provolone cheese. You can also add other ingredients to the grits. You can even add shrimp or canned diced tomatoes. This is another great way to jazz up grits and make them more appealing. You can even try some new flavors by experimenting with a variety of seasonings.

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