How to Cook 3 Cups of Rice in the Instant Pot

How to Cook Rice the Asian Way

You can easily prepare three cups of rice with the Instant Pot. There are some things you must consider when cooking this rice. First, make sure that you have enough water in the Instant Pot. Next, you must make sure that the rice is rinsed before cooking. If you don’t do this, the rice will foam and it won’t be as good. This can be avoided by adding oil to the pot when adding the dry rice and water. To increase the amount of rice, you can simply double or triple the recipe. The pot should not be more than half full. You can also check the nutrition information for the cooked rice. Although this information is an estimate, you should not be worried.


A quick and easy way to make delicious and nutritious rice is to use the Instant Pot. The electric pressure cooker is a great option because there is no need to stir the rice or wait for the water to boil. Using the right water-to-rice ratio and cooking times is the key to making perfect rice. The following steps will guide you through the process. Read on to learn how to cook 3 cups of rice in your Instant Pot.

The first thing you need to know is how to measure the water and rice. Most types of rice call for a 1:1 ratio of rice to water. That means that you will need to add 1 cup of water for each cup of rice. You can adjust this ratio for a slightly different amount of rice if you want to cook it in smaller batches. If you plan to serve a large group of people, double or triple the recipe. Always fill the pot halfway full. Also, keep in mind that nutrition information is based on one cup of cooked rice.


The cooking time for three cups of rice in the Instant Pot is five minutes, plus the natural pressure release. Depending on the rice and water type, the cooking time will be slightly different. White rice is cooked in just under six minutes, and brown and wild rice take longer. Rice can be cooked at either high pressure or low pressure, but brown rice is usually more flavorful when cooked on the multigrain or manual setting.

When cooking rice in the Instant Pot, always make sure to use the correct ratio of water to rice. Most kinds of rice require a 1:1 water to rice ratio. If you are cooking rice for a large amount of people, you can increase the amount of water to three cups. But, if you want to cook a large batch, double or triple the recipe. Remember, the pot should be at least half full to ensure the right cooking time.

Water ratio

You’ve probably noticed the water-to-rice ratio is different when you cook different types of rice in the Instant Pot. For example, one cup of rice should be cooked with one cup of water. Rice needs exactly that amount of liquid in order for the starches to be absorbed. One cup of water is sufficient for most kinds of rice. If you’d like your rice to be extra-soft, add another 1/4 cup of water to the pot before cooking it.

The first step is to rinse the rice. Rinse it thoroughly to remove excess starch and milky water before cooking it. This will prevent the rice from becoming sticky. You can also add butter, olive oil, and other seasonings if you like. Once cooked, store the rice in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer for three to four days. It can be reheated in the microwave by adding a little water.

Rinsing rice before cooking

If you’re planning to cook rice in your Instant Pot, you should always rinse it first. Before cooking rice, rinse it thoroughly with water that’s two to three inches below the inner pot’s water level. Pour the rinsed rice into a separate bowl and set it over the water. The water should become milky and clear after four rinses. In addition to rinse water, you should also season the rice with salt.

There are two ways to rinse rice before cooking in the Instant Pot. First, you can use a fine-mesh strainer and rinse the rice under cold water. You can’t tell when the water is no longer cloudy, so you might need to catch it in a glass or bowl. Rinsing the rice before cooking is an easy way to get the right consistency, regardless of the type of rice.

Using the rice button

The first step in cooking 3 cups of rice in an Instant Pot is to put the rice into the inner pot. Press the rice button, which will adjust the timing automatically. If you use white medium grain rice, choose “RICE” to set the time. Rice should be cooked at low pressure, since the LOW setting helps reduce the foaming that happens when starchy rice cooks at high pressure. If you want to remove the rice as soon as the cooking time is over, press the cancel button.

To use the rice button, you should add one cup of drained rice to one and a half cups of liquid. The liquid to rice ratio should be one and a half cups of water. Press the rice button and select “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” mode. Select the “High” setting. If you choose “Manual,” turn off the “Keep Warm” button. Your rice should be cooked for 12 minutes at low pressure. Once the cooking time is complete, you can use the rice button again to warm the leftovers.

Doubleing the recipe

If you’re looking for an easy way to make more rice, double the Instant Pot recipe for 3 cups of rice. Unlike other methods, which require manually adjusting the cooking time, doubling a recipe in the Instant Pot is an automatic process. It’s important to remember that the nutrition information for a single cup of rice is an estimate. When making large batches of rice, double the recipe and use only half of the pot for cooking.

The ratio of liquid to rice in an Instant Pot recipe is one:one. Therefore, a recipe for 3 cups of rice uses 3 cups of water and 1 cup of rice. Likewise, doubling or halving a recipe for 3 cups of rice doesn’t change the cooking time, as the ratio of liquid to rice remains the same. However, it’s important to note that the cooking time of doubled or halved rice is not affected by the amount of liquid used. It’s still 3 minutes high pressure with a ten-minute natural release time.

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