How Long to Cook 0.8 kg of Beef?

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If you’re wondering how long to cook 0.8 kg of beef, you are not alone. It can be challenging to know exactly how long to cook the meat without ruining the flavor. There are a few tips and tricks to help you make the best roast beef. First, make sure the joint is properly seasoned and moist. Next, add red wine to the gravy and check for doneness. You’ll be pleased with the end result when you’re done.

Keeping the joint moist and succulent

When cooking a beef joint, it is vital to keep it moist and succulent. The fat layer on the meat provides basting juices that are essential to cooking a beef joint. To retain the fat, rub English mustard powder and plain flour on the surface of the meat. Then, add salt to taste. Let the beef rest for an hour before carving. You can use the same skewer technique to check the doneness of your beef.

Place a roasting dish or board on which you can lay the beef joint. Place the beef joint and two small onion halves on top of it. The onions will help caramelise the fat as it cooks. The beef should be roasted at a temperature of 180degC / 350degF for about 1 hour. Once cooked, the meat should be rubbed with oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Place the beef joint, fat side up, in the roasting dish.

If you have a large roasting pan, you can brown the beef joint on all sides before transferring it to the oven. This will add extra flavour and colour to the meat. Make sure to choose a beef joint that has marbled fat and connective tissues. Remove the beef joint from the fridge at least two hours before cooking. Cooking the joint slowly will maximize the flavor and retain moisture. Before serving, dry the joint with kitchen roll to remove any excess moisture.

Adding red wine to the gravy

Adding red wine to the gravy when you’re cooking a 0.8 kg of beef can add great flavour to your beef stew. The juices from the roasting process add to the gravy’s flavour and make it richer. You can also use red currant jelly to add sweetness to the gravy. If you’re unsure of what kind of red wine to use, it is best to add 100ml to the pot.

To make the red wine gravy, you will need three tablespoons of oil and two burners. Add the flour and cook for about two to three minutes, then pour in the wine. Stir to scrape up any browned bits and simmer for ten minutes. After that, strain the gravy through a fine mesh sieve and season to taste. If desired, you can add a few drops of redcurrant jelly or a few drops of port.

If you’re using a crockpot to cook the meat, you should also add some vegetables to the pot to add flavour to the meat. Roast beef is not complete without vegetables. The vegetables will help add extra flavour to the meat. A good selection of vegetables is important for flavour. You should cook your beef for at least eight hours to achieve the maximum flavour. Once the beef has rested, serve it with a nice gravy and some coarse sea salt.

Checking if the meat is already cooked

If you’re wondering how to check if 0.8kg of beef is already cooked, the cooking times mentioned in the recipe card are for a rolled topside joint at room temperature. While these times are a good guide, keep in mind that the beef will continue to cook and reach higher temperatures as it rests. For rare or medium-rare beef, skewer the thickest part of the meat and leave for about 10 seconds. Once you remove the skewer, touch it to your inner wrist. It should be warm or hot, and for medium-rare, just warm.

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