How to Prepare Meals That Store Well

How to Cook Asparagus in a Pan

The food-blog How To Cook That was founded in 2009 by Kate Reardon. The website originally featured video recipes and an online store. When Reardon first started the website, she posted a single recipe post every week. To complement her posts, she made occasional videos. But the videos took up too much space on her website and Reardon opted to upload them to YouTube. Once her videos began to get more views, she decided to add more videos.

Reardon started How To Cook That in 2009

If you’re into baking and you’re looking for a new recipe, then check out the YouTube channel How To Cook That. This vegan food channel features hundreds of recipes for a variety of dishes. These recipes range from traditional American baking to more unusual creations. You can find everything from superhero cakes to giant candy bars on the channel. You’ll even find recipes for giant KitKat chocolates.

Ann Reardon, a food scientist and qualified dietitian, started her food channel in 2009 after giving birth to her third child. At the beginning, she wrote weekly recipe posts and occasionally made a video to go along with them. But as her YouTube channel grew, Reardon started uploading videos on a regular basis. She focuses on desserts and has a YouTube channel with over fifteen million subscribers.


If you are a frequent cook, you may have a large library of recipes stored in different formats. Some of these formats work better than others. For example, printed recipes may be in the form of cookbooks, handwritten recipe cards, magazine cutouts, and box clippings. They may also be stored in a digital format such as Evernote. And you may even have some recipes stored on video. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to store recipes digitally.

If you have lots of different recipes, creating a digital recipe filing system is an effective way to organize your collection. You can create different boards for different categories and “pin” your favorite recipes to those boards. This way, you can easily find and share your favorite recipes. Moreover, you can browse recipes by name, which will help you find the ones you want to make. There are many benefits to this system, and here are a few of them:


To prepare meals that store well, you’ll need to know some techniques. Baking is a common technique, which uses dry convection heat to make the outer part of food brown while keeping the moisture inside. Bread and pastries are usually baked in this method, and it is great for keeping delicate foods like fish or vegetables fresh for a long time. Sautéing and frying are other techniques, which involve cooking with a large amount of fat and high temperatures.

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